The furniture making process

The furniture making process begins once drawings are approved and the deposit received.


Some jobs are more straight forward than others and the initial progress can be fast, working from final drawings and a cutting list. Others require templates and samples so progress is a little slower.


Using templates to make the best use of materials. Planning how to get the most out of solid timber or sheet material helps keep the job within budget.


These are progress photos of a sofa based on a Vladimir Kagan design. They show the importance of templates, especially in seating where comfort is crucial.




This is a small chest of drawers which was made using traditional cabinetmaking joints. The drawers run on traditional runners and kickers, this is the method used before the metal glides often used on modern furniture.


Drawer box sides are fitted precisely to the carcass before being glued up.


I work in a shared workshop in North London. Apart from the shared machine room, everything is made in my small workspace. Being an individual furniture maker in London these days means having to share costs of the furniture making process to keep prices competitive.


Sam Brown