Sycamore home kitchen



Sycamore home kitchen is a personal project. It’s my old kitchen where I started to learn how to make furniture. I started in 1990 and kept adding and changing bits right up to the time I moved out in 2013. Thanks to the estate agent for the photos!

The worktops are in American black walnut. As is the under-counter wine rack and the stacked cubes on the worktop to the left of the window. Printer, key board and all the other computer bits live out of sight. Tucked away in the cabinet under the iMac on the left.


In the background is a sycamore tallboy unit. One of the first things I made around 1993. And still in good working order when I left. Wall mounted plate rack and crockery cabinet to the right. Next to the oven is a narrow cabinet for storing trays.

It’s not often you get 20 years to work on a kitchen. Now that I no live with it I realise just how comfortable the room was.