Sam Brown furniture maker

sam brown furniture hand finishing a rosewood table

I have almost thirty years of experience in cabinet making using traditional and modern woodworking techniques. It started as an obsessive hobby in 1990 making the furniture I wanted but couldn’t find or couldn’t afford. After 8 years of my selfish furniture making I felt it was time for a change. I went back to school to fill a few skills gaps before starting Sam Brown Furniture in 2000.

sam brown furniture maker working in the machine room

 I work on my own and my aim is to make the best end product I can.  Something that I would be happy to live with myself.

You can see a small selection of my work on this website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the style you had in mind. It’s because I made these commissions to suit the clients who ordered them, not to promote my work. I treat all my work is this way, the client’s needs always come first.

sam brown furniture maker working on some hand cut dovetails

When I’m not making bespoke furniture  I’m producing my range of handmade suit stands which I sell as the Gentleman’s Valet Company.