Hand carved linenfold wardrobe


Hand carved linenfold makes a room feel like it’s part of history. Most people who look at it would assume it’s probably a few hundred years old. This hand carved linenfold wardrobe has that feeling of traditional panelling with all the luxury of a modern fitted wardrobe.

Behind the beautiful hand carved panelling is an oak wardrobe. Even though it takes up a good bit of space it looks deceptively small in the room. This is probably because at the chimney end it only comes out a few inches farther than the chimney breast recess. Plus the pale, lime-washed lacquer finish makes it look lighter and much less heavy looking than dark coloured panelling would.


The high ceiling of the room allowed enough room to have regular height wardrobe storage plus room to store ski-wear and suitcases. Things you don’t need so often and don’t want making the wardrobe look cluttered.


On the right is a pull-down hanging rail up as high as possible, too high to reach if it were a normal rail. Below is a tall section for trousers. The client liked to hang his trousers unfolded and upside down on clip hangers to prevent creases. And below two levels of shoe storage. On the left are normal height full drop and jacket hanging rail and drawers below. Above is a section of enclosed cabinet for seasonal storage.


Going into the chimney breast is a tall chest of drawers with shelves above and more top storage.


The interior was finished with a clear satin lacquer and the exterior was finished by hand in situ. A light coat of lime-wash with a clear matt lacquer on top. That seals the finish in and makes it feel like it’d been here for years.