Shoreditch aged pine kitchen


Shoreditch aged pine kitchen. Small and uncluttered with cabinets colour matched to the existing pine joinery in the room. The cabinet interiors are in modern laminate boards. They’re harder wearing and durable enough to withstand normal kitchen wear and tear. The worktop is in hard wearing corian. The long, narrow room is nice and bright thanks to a skylight at the far end of the room. That along with the old floor tiles and aged pine kitchen units give the room a relaxed feel. More holiday than busy London. Continue reading “Shoreditch aged pine kitchen”

Woodclose bedroom


Woodclose bedroom is another personal project. It’s my bedroom in the flat I started making furniture for. Eventually every opportunity to make something was taken, from the mirror stand on the chest of drawers to the light switch above the bed.

In the back corner a pitch pine bookcase that was built around the roof support. I wasn’t going to let some boxed in steel beam deprive me of precious storage space. Continue reading “Woodclose bedroom”

Sycamore home kitchen



Sycamore home kitchen is a personal project. It’s my old kitchen where I started to learn how to make furniture. I started in 1990 and kept adding and changing bits right up to the time I moved out in 2013. Thanks to the estate agent for the photos! Continue reading “Sycamore home kitchen”